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Brian Harlan

Vocals, Guitars

Brian Harlan is the founder and main songwriter of Monoceros.


His influences include Alice in Chains, Symphony X and Metallica. He is also heavily influenced by European symphonic metal.


He currently resides in Las Vegas, NV.

Kevin Van Wingerden

Bass, Backing Vocals

Kevin Van Wingerden started out as a small boy with no legs, grew some, and was sent to school. He was born and raised by cauliflower so he inherited natural intelligence that allowed him to graduate eleven years early.


One night his family was kidnapped by a mysterious dark figure wearing Air Force Ones.


Since then he's been secretly plotting his revenge in his secret cave accessed only through a secret tunnel... secretly.

Ryan Hannagan


Ryan "the Hammer" Hannagan was born and raised in North Jersey.


His major influences include John Bonham, Thomas Haake and Chris Adler.


In addition to music, his hobbies are gaming and blacksmithing.

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